Table Service

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed FOR LIFE!

Does your pool table need a little TLC (table love and care)? Well, nobody loves and cares for tables like Orange County Billiards! Whether you need basic repairs such as new pockets or a complete overhaul we are here to take care of all your pool table repair needs.

Pricing and Information

Set up a table within 20 miles

  • Set Up and Level Used Pool Table $250 (Most models)
  • Set Up New Table $350+ (Purchased online or from a source other than Orange County Billiards)
  • Antique and specialty tables that require special handling please call for quote

Replace a part within 20 miles

  • Replace Rubber Cushions $225 (Combined with recover or move job)
  • Replace Rubber Cushions $325 (With existing cloth)
  • Replace Plastic Pockets $150
  • Replace Plastic Premium Pockets $175
  • Replace Leather Pockets Most Tables $225 – $350
  • Major Relevel $225 (Includes realigning and resealing slate seams)

Not sure what you need?

No problem! We are always just a phone call away. Our knowledgable staff is ready and willing to assist you in anything you may need. We can give you a quote tailored specifically to your needs and we might also be able to find you a package discount!