Pool Table Moving

Big, small, we'll move em all!

OC Billiards specializes in moving pool tables. Whether your table is a family heirloom or fresh off the line, OC Billiards will treat your pool table with the utmost care and consideration. We've moved hundreds of pool tables over the past 20+ years. Protecting your pool table is our top priority! If you have an Olhausen Pool Table you can rest assured that your warranty will remain intact, we are the premier Authorized Olhausen Dealer.

Pricing and Information

Move, set up and level package

  • 0-20 miles $350
  • 20-40 miles $375
  • 40-60 miles $400
  • Stairs add $60 per flight (5 or more steps)
  • Any table service over 60 miles from 92683 will be billed at $1.00 per mile (combined roundtrip)
  • 1 pc. slate with stairs (applicable only for tables under 7')

Individual Services

  • Break Down Table (No Set Up) $200-$275
  • Move Table (No Set Up) $275
  • Break Down and Crate Slates (required by most 3rd party moving companies) $450 and up
  • Flooring Move $450-$500 (Two trips. Disassemble and move to an adjacent space. Return after flooring is complete, move back from adjacent space and setup/re-level with same felt.)
  • For any services over 20 miles please call for a quote!
  • For antique and specialty tables please call for a quote!