Cue Repair

We are the ONLY place in OC for cue repair!

Orange County Billiards is the ONLY place in Orange County that does professional quality Cue Repair on site while you wait! With over 20 years of experience Robert Wong has what it takes to get the job done right! You could even consider him one of the best cue surgeons in SoCal. He can do all types of repairs… Tips, Ferrules, Re-Taper Shafts, Cleaning, Remove Dents, Restorations, Irish Linen Re-Wrap, Leather Re-Wrap and more!

Most businesses send your valuable cues to a third party for repair, and there is always a good chance that the person repairing it hasn't been thoroughly trained. Nothing can compete with the almost art like capabilities of Robert Wong. He renders more cue repairs than ALL the other retailers in Orange County combined!

Because we do everything in shop at OC Billiards, on average, our costs of repairs are less than half the price of other stores and naturally we can offer higher quality work as well! Yearly, we travel to several larger tournaments to repair professionals cues. We proudly work on just about every brand of pool cues. Including snooker cues and we specialize in 3 cushion carom billiard cues.

OC Billiards installs nearly every brand and type of tips on the market. We are THE ONLY authorized Kamui Tip dealer and installer in ALL of Orange County. We also carry Triangle, ElkMaster, Tad, Sniper, Everest, Robinson, and more! Check out the other brands we offer below.

In-Person Cue Repair Schedule

  • Mondays: 11am - 6pm
  • Thursdays: 11am - 6pm
  • Saturdays: 11am - 6pm

Pricing and Information

Tip Repair

  • Basic Tips: $15 installed (ElkMaster, Le Pro, and Triangle)
  • Layered Tips: $25 installed (Wizard, Diamond, Everest, Etc.)
  • Bulletproof 1-Z Tips/Ferrules: $45 installed
  • Black King Tips: $25 installed
  • Kamui Tips: $40 installed
  • Kamui Clear: $45 installed
  • Zan Tips: $40 installed
  • Phenolic: “Break Tips” $25 installed
  • Samsara: “Break Tips” $45 installed
  • Custom Made 1pc combo Ferrule/Tip “Break Tip”: $40
  • Customer supplied tips: $15 installed

Commercial Accounts

  • House Cues: $8 each (Le Pro Tips or equivalent)
  • House Cues: (12 or more) $4 eac (Le Pro Tips or equivalent)


  • Fiber Ferrules: $15 installed (plus cost of tip)
  • Aigis-II and Ivorine 4 Ferrules: $25 installed (plus cost of tip)
  • Extra Long Ferrules: $30 installed (plus cost of tip)
  • Short Ferrules for 3 Cushion Cues: $30 installed (plus cost of tip)

Shaft Work

  • Clean: $15
  • Remove Dents: $15
  • Shaft Special: $25 (Clean, Remove Dents, Re-Seal, Polish, Wax, Shape Tip)
  • Standard Re-Taper: $30 (First 1/2 mm ~ $10 each additional 1/2 mm)
  • Major Re-Taper: $40 and up (Match another cue’s taper, lengthen taper, etc.)
  • Custom Made Shafts (To Fit Most Cues) $150 and up


  • Irish Linen: $40 (Any Color In Stock….add $10 for Special Ordered Colors)
  • Tiger Stack Leather: $185 and up
  • Leather: $150 and up

Some of the many brands we offer

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