Cloth Replacement

It's all in the details

At Orange County Billiards we go above and beyond what other stores offer... We pay attention to the details and that makes our service stand out from the competition. Basic leveling is always included! Color matching chalk is always free! All of our work is 100% unconditionally guaranteed for life! And, above all, we have very competitive pricing. Interested in the installment process? Check out this video of one of our techs at work!

There are different types of cloth?

YES! In addition to standard cloths, we offer premium varieties by Simonis, and Championship Tour Edition. Premium cloth has a higher wool content, and some are even spill and stain resistant! Premium cloth lasts up to twice as long and the balls roll faster and more accurately. The cost of these “tournament” quality worsted wool cloths can vary from one manufacturer to another. Below you will find the price ranges and some color samples from Simonis. Simonis has been manufacturing cloth since 1680 and it is the official cloth of the professional billiard tour! It's used in more tournaments world wide than any other brand. Come visit our showroom so we can help you feel the difference and explain the benefits of playing on a premium quality cloth.

Pricing and Information

Replace Standard Cloth (most tables) within 20 miles

  • 7′ with Standard Cloth $250
  • 8′ with Standard Cloth $275
  • 8 1/2′ with Standard Cloth $295
  • 9′ with Standard Cloth $325
  • Replace Rubber Cushions (In conjunction with cloth replacement) $225
  • Antique or Specialty tables are an additional $75 – $100

Replace Premium Cloth (most tables) within 20 miles

  • 7′ with OC Pro Tournament Cloth $325
  • 7′ with Simonis $400
  • 8′ with OC Pro Tournament Cloth $375
  • 8′ with Simonis $450
  • 8 1/2′ with OC Pro Tournament Cloth $400
  • 8 1/2 With Simonis $475
  • 9′ with OC Pro Tournament Cloth $425
  • 9′ with Simonis $495

Color Samples